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Stockbit is a binary options trading platform that has been receiving quite a bit of attention recently. One reason for this is the claims it makes. For a start, its founders, Daniel Watanabe and Noah Hastings, claim the platform will generate profits of around $90 million dollars over the course of this year.

In addition, Stockbit says that anyone – even people with no experience in trading binary options – can make $900 a day by using the system. That is a big claim. In fact, it is the type of claim that raises a big red flag and left us suspicious.

We’ve taken a thorough look at Stockbit in an attempt to verify the claims it makes, and to see if the platform delivers what it promises. Make sure you read through this review before taking any decision to invest your money in Stockbit.

Stockbit Review – Summary

If you don’t have time to read the whole review, this summary will give you the headlines. After checking the Stockbit platform and reviewing the claims it makes, we have concluded it is a system with too many unanswered questions. In fact, we would go as far as to say that Stockbit is a scam, and that you should not trust it with any of your money.

It doesn’t back up any of the claims it makes with third-party verification, and we have serious concerns about other aspects of the system. Our advice, therefore, is that you should not open an account with Stockbit.

What is Stockbit?

Sign up ScreenStockbit is one of the newest automated binary options trading platforms on the market. It was created by Daniel Watanabe and Noah Hastings and appears, on the surface, to be a professional and well put together trading tool.

You can get an account for free, and it claims that even newbie traders can generate substantial profits in very short periods of time. To the right, you can see the signup section of the website.

However, we have been unable to verify either these claims or the credentials of the platform’s founders.

Company Background

One of the things we do when reviewing a binary options trading platform is look at the owners. We check things like their experience and background in the financial and/or binary options industries.

Daniel Watanabe is reported to be the owner of Stockbit. He and Noah Hastings say the platform is based on the trading movements of the virtual currency Bitcoin. Both men can be seen in video demonstrations on the Stockbit website.Hasil gambar untuk Stockbit

Above you can see what the supposed creators of this software look like.

We, however, have been unable to verify their background or experience in the binary options trading industry. Noah Hastings, for example, says he is a young entrepreneur, but we were unable to find any information on him on social networks, and we couldn’t locate any social media accounts.

This does not in itself prove that Stockbit is a scam, but it is highly unusual in the binary options trading industry.

Endorsements and Testimonials

It is common to see testimonials and endorsements on the websites of binary option trading platforms. This is because they play an important role in helping new customers decide whether the system is right for them. They are only worthwhile, however, if they are genuine.

We have seen enough testimonials in our time of reviewing binary options brokers to know when we are looking at something that is real and something that is fake. In our expert opinion, there are huge questions over the authenticity of the testimonials on Stockbit. To somebody new to binary options trading they may look convincing, but to us they look like they have been made up.

What about the endorsements on the Stockbit website? The website says that Stockbit has featured in two highly respected publications – The Wall Street Journal and CNN Money. We searched through both these publications and couldn’t find any reference to Stockbit. Not only have they not endorsed Stockbit in any way, they have not made a single mention of its name.

The clearly fabricated news snippets featured on StockBit’s website

These facts are incredibly concerning as trust is essential in any product or service you buy on the web. This includes signing up to a binary options trading platform. How can you have trust in the platform if it is not honest about its endorsements and testimonials?

Questionable Financial Claims

Stockbit features a video that purports to explain how the platform works. Unfortunately, it doesn’t do this. Instead, the video simply makes claims about how much money you can make with Stockbit.

The problem is, the numbers don’t stack up. Firstly, they say you can make $900 a day by trading binary options on Stockbit. That seems like a large number so we looked further to see how they justified it. In the video, the presenters say the returns you can expect are around seven percent. They then say those returns will increase to nine percent over the next year.

The insane promises seen in their website.

So, let’s say you deposit $250 into a Stockbit account. We are using this amount because it is a typical initial deposit level for a new trader.

At the higher promised rate of return – nine percent – that means you can expect to make $22.50 per day, assuming you place $250 worth of trades throughout the day. You don’t have to be an experienced binary options trader to know that $22.50 per day is quite a bit different to $900.

In addition, this all assumes the nine percent return rate is accurate. Confusingly, the video goes on to contradict itself in a number of other ways. For example, it says the software is perfect but then says it makes losing trades 30 percent of the time.

You might be thinking that a 30 percent losing average is okay because it means you win 70 percent of the time. That might be true, but it is important to remember there are other platforms that have a winning performance rate of more than 80 percent.

In addition, the video repeatedly claims that you can use the platform for free. Given this is a company that is trying to generate profits, that is another claim that doesn’t stack up.

While their platform looks sleek, we doubt it’s legitimate

So, in summary, the profit claims and rates of return seem unrealistically high, in our opinion. We didn’t get any assurance on these concerns by looking at how Stockbit justifies them. In fact, the confusing and often contradictory presentation of figures had the opposite effect – it compounded our concerns.

Other Concerns

One of the other things that caught our attention when reviewing Stockbit was its claim that it is a year old. It also says it has acquired over 14,000 users over the year.

That made us suspicious for a number of reasons:

  • Firstly, we only became aware of Stockbit over the recent months.
  • The user base it claims to already have seems very large given it is such a new platform on the market. 
  • The Stockbit domain was registered a couple of months ago.

How could this platform – a platform that is web-based – have been trading for a year if the domain is only a couple of months old? Of course, the answer is it can’t be a year old. This leaves a huge question mark over the number of customers Stockbit says it has, as well. If 14,000 users in 12 months looked suspicious, what do you think 14,000 users in two months looks like?

We can’t see how that is possible, so regard it as yet another example of questionable claims from Stockbit.

Stockbit – The Conclusion

We simply cannot recommend Stockbit as a binary options trading platform. There are too many lies, and unverified and exaggerated claims, on its website to make it in any way credible or trustworthy.

In fact, you should be suspicious of any binary options trading platform that says you only have to hand over your cash and a computer program will then start making you hundreds of dollars per day. It simply doesn’t work like that in the real world. If it did, everyone would do it and everyone would be a millionaire!

That $900 a day figure was the first thing to cause us concern when looking at Stockbit, and nothing in our investigation led us to change our mind. We would urge considerable caution if you are thinking of opening a Stockbit account.

We have reviewed many legitimate and fraudulent binary options trading platforms in the past, and Stockbit appears to be the latter. For us, Stockbit is a scam. Everything it does is designed to get you to hand over your money.

There is no substance behind their claims and the performance is completely unverified. We would recommend you stay away from Stockbit and continue your search for a suitable binary options trading platform elsewhere.


Bitcoin Trade360

Bitcoin Trade360

Trade360 offers 5 account types, based on the client’s initial deposit.

All account holders receive live crowdtrading feed on the CrowdTrader platform and are able to trade with leverage up to 1:400 (for currencies) and relatively low fixed spreads with no commission fees. Besides, all of them are entitled to cashback rewards.

Gold, Platinum and VIP account holders get some extra services such as SMS notifications and signals, as well as increased cashback rewards.

What is more, Islamic (swap-free) accounts are available at Trade360 upon request.

Hasil gambar untuk Bitcoin Trade360

Trade360 has revolutionized the markets by establishing a unique innovative method in the world of online trading, called Crowd trading.

The CrowdTrading Algorithm comprises a number of tools that identify patterns in traders’ activity and displays sharp changes on specific assets, thus helping traders make profitable informed trading decisions.

Hasil gambar untuk Bitcoin Trade360

Though it shares some common features with Signals trading, Crowd trading actually is a different thing. You don’t copy the trades of a particular signals provider, but instead follow a whole market trend, formed by a group (crowd) of traders at a certain time.

Crowd trading is based on the concept of the Wisdom of the Crowd – a belief that collective knowledge of a large group of individuals tends to be more accurate than that of a single expert.

The Company. Security of Funds

Trade360 offers trading in wide range of financial instruments: more than 40 currency pairs (bitcoin included), CFDs on commodities, indices, stocks, and ETFs. They are all available for trade on the company’s in-house trading platform.


Founded in 2013, Trade360 is the brand name of MPF Global Markets Limited, a Cyprus Investment Firm (CIF) – which is licensed and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC).


The Cypriot financial watchdog applies certain requirements to license holders and sees to compliance with the rules set. For instance, the Commission requires forex brokers to hold at least €730,000 as a proof of financial stability. Besides, customer funds must be held in segregated accounts, separate from the company’s operational ones.

Hasil gambar untuk Bitcoin Trade360

As a further guarantee to clients’ funds, all CySEC-regulated brokers are members of the Investor Compensation Fund, which is able to pay compensation to its covered clients up to 20,000 EUR, in the event of broker insolvency.

Moreover, every CySEC-regulated investment company is also MiFID compliant and therefore entitled to provide cross-border services within the EU under the MiFID Passporting Regime.

Trading Conditions

Minimum Initial Deposit

In order to open an account with Trade360, traders have to invest a minimum of $100. Such minimum initial amount is relatively low, especially taking into account the innovative services, offered by this broker.

Spreads & Commissions

Trade360 offers fixed spreads, which amounts to 1.8 pips for the EUR/USD pair, which is a low value, as most fixed-spread brokers offer spreads of 2 pips (or higher) for this currency pair.

What is more, Trade360 charges no commissions, as is usually the case with most fixed-spread brokers, who get remuneration for their services through the spread.


The maximum leverage level offered by Trade360 is 1:400, which is considered a comparatively high ratio. However, many Cyprus-based brokers offer even higher levels – for example, XM provides leverage up to 1:888 and FXTM – up to 1:1000. Check out a list of brokers, providing leverage equal to or exceeding 1:500 here.

Nonetheless, we advise traders to exercise caution when trading on margin, as higher leverage involves greater risk of losses, which may even exceed the initial investments.

Trading Platform

Hasil gambar untuk Bitcoin Trade 360 review

Unlike most brokers, supporting the common MetaTrader 4 platform, Trade360 offers its in-house platform, called CrowdTrader. As it is entirely web-based, you can trade from wherever they happen to be in the world, and what is more, you can log with your Facebook or google account. Of course there are mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android.

CrowdTrader is in fact one of the simplest trading platforms that we have come across. The trading screen is presented as a large viewing window where the assets are displayed.  Each of the instruments is equipped with a chart (with numerous tools and indicators), which pops out with a single click. One of the advantages of the platform is the Wisdom of the Crowd feature – it simply sa

Bitcoin Investor

Bitcoin Investor


Bitcoin Investor review

A lot of people are into CryptoCurrency but the sad thing is they use Brokers without any Agreement or understanding between them. Well that can be pretty bad if things go south, your Money will be gone and you will really be pained.
What happens when the broker you hired to manage your investment is misbehaving because you didn’t have any structure when starting the investment.

Here’s a sample Agreement for any Crypto Investor, It was drafted from the scratch by me and any user is free to make edits.


This Crypto Currency Agreement (the “Agreement”) is made and effective this [DATE],

BETWEEN: [MANAGER NAME] (herein referred to as “Manager”) a Manager existing under the laws of the [PROVINCE/STATE] with its head office located at: [COMPLETE ADDRESS]

AND: [INVESTOR NAME], (the “Investor”) an individual under the laws of the United State with main address at: [COMPLETE ADDRESS].

Bitcoin investor image

You want to get rick quickly? Sorry, there is just not a known formula for accumulating money fast. So forget scams like Bitcoin Investor. They are there to mislead the naive investor so that the operator of the scam in question can make money out of their ignorance.

On the website of Bitcoin Investor, we see a series of short clips which feature famous investors like Richard Branson, Bill Gates and a few others expressing their confidence in Bitcoins. The rest of the talk is about how you can make a lot of money with the said Cryptocurrency.

In fact, the video seems to be persuading people to sign up and start making lots of money with this Cryptocurrency. They are also asking people where they would be if they invested in Bitcoins a few years ago. We can them ”hindsight gurus” because they like to use this trick to persuade people to jump into something that eventually turns out to be a scam.

We are not saying that Bitcoin is a scam. In fact, there are many tools we have recommended here which have been used to successfully make money with Bitcoins. So it is in no way a scam or a fad. The scam part of it manifests in the form of snake oil salesmen who get people to imagine that they could be rich if they invested in this Cryptocurrency a few years ago.

And the question becomes: if these people knew it back then, why didn’t they make money with that knowledge? And why are they pushing you to buy their programs now when they could have made a lot of money back then?

You do not have to wonder because Bitcoin Investor is the works of a scammer. They will peddle this product for some quick bucks since they are broke and have no idea what it takes to make money with Cryptocurrencies.

Is it a good idea to get involved with Bitcoin Investor? Absolutely no. What makes it a bad idea is that it is a misleading webpage which is purposely created to lie and extort money from innocent investors. That is the reason why this is a scam.

Bitcoin Investor

The fake testimonials

This website is available in German and Italian languages, and they all contain fake testimonials. This fabrication is illegal because it mislead people into believing that Bitcoin Investor is a good program for making money when that’s not the case.

The fake reviews or testimonials were made up with stolen photos and fictitious stories. Nothing about the fabricated testimonials can be trusted. The stolen photos obviously belong to people who have never traded Cryptocurrencies or used this product before. Their photos were used against their consent, which makes Bitcoin Investor a misleading scam.

One lesson that we can learn from it is that people are truly not interested in what Bitcoin Investor is offering. If they were interested, they could have used it and left their reviews and testimonials behind. Since none have used this service and the owner knows very well that he is selling a scam, he has resorted to using fabricated testimonials. It makes a lot of sense to lie in such a situation.

More misleading things about Bitcoin Investor

The reason this scam web page is misleading is because it makes use of old videos and statements where Gates was seen encouraging people to invest in Bitcoins. Today, Gates has changed his stand on Bitcoin and is talking otherwise about the Cryptocurrency. He may be right or he may be wrong. But one thing stands. Bitcoin Investor is just seeking to manipulate naive investors into thinking they can make a lot of money with this product.

Recently, Bitcoin has suffered turbulence. If you are to be sure that you will make money with this Cryptocurrency, then you have to choose to trade it instead. That will require you to use these trading tools.

Therefore, there is a lot of information on this scam website that you shouldn’t believe when it comes to matters related to investing in Bitcoin.

Ultimately after all the lecturing, Bitcoin Investor will lead you to the slaughter house where you will be required to hand over an amount which is not less than $250. The slaughter house in question is the scam brokerage. By teaming up with this brokerage, the operator of this scam is earning commissions every time they refer someone to that brokerage.

The reason you are going to lose is that the people who run this program are only interested in earning commissions. They do not care whether you make or lose money. You can rest assured that no effort went into making this product. So do not think that Bitcoin Investor is the ticket to financial success. There is no way a scam product can go that length.

What you must remember to avoid getting duped

There are certain things that you must know before wasting any money in this useless offer.

First, never buy any product where the owner is talking lies or things that mislead. Gates praised Bitcoins then. But now his stand has changed. Clever investors might decide to buy now when a lot of investors are exiting the market. Usually, a price deep means that buyers are looking to come on board. So you might just decide to gamble by buying and holding now. When price eventually shoots, you will make money. But then, this is a huge gamble. We don’t know how many of you will be willing to buy Bitcoins now.

Our best advice for you

Ultimately, those who have nerves of steel will make money. Those who are not sure or are afraid of risks will lose money. This is not to say people should take foolish risks. So don’t follow any advice coming from a scam like Bitcoin Investor. If you want to trade Bitcoins and other altcoins, sign up to start using any of these robots.

Bitcoin Kaya FX

Bitcoin Kaya FX

Some Basic Facts About Kaya FX Platform

KayaFX is a newly-established Forex broker which offers a wide variety of account types, as well as several different trading platforms which seek to suit the individual needs of users. Another great thing about the trading solution is the fact that it has an expanded Knowledge Center.

Its name basically describes it in the sense that there are lots of educational materials in both video and written form. The Forex brokerage might be new but many users prefer it over platforms that were launched years ago.

It also lets traders pick their asset-of-choice. Online investors can also opt for contract-for-differences (CFDs) and swap-free accounts. Deposit and withdrawal procedure are quick. Most of the existing reviews are favorable and positive.

After extensive research, we consider this broker platform to be a legit and trustworthy one. It eases the trading platforms and is open for the conduct of investments every Sunday through Friday. Demo accounts are also available if people wish to test the services first.

Most Promising Aspects of the Forex Broker

Most traders find it extremely difficult to pick just the right investment platform for themselves, even the experienced and skilled ones. Founders of scam solutions will go to great lengths in order to make their software appear as legit. This is why users cannot be too cautious.

They have to examine several aspects of the Forex platform so that they can be completely sure that they are not falling for a dubious broker. Our team did so for the investment solution at hand. We managed to determine that the brokerage is legit and genuine.

Here are its strongest aspects:

  • Variety of Trading Platforms Suit the Individual Needs of Users;
  • 24/7 Access to the Biggest Markets in the World;
  • No Hidden Fees or Commissions;
  • Straight-Trough Data & Operations Processing;
  • Offers Both Narrow & Floating Spreads;
  • Hastened Deposit & Withdrawal Procedures;
  • Lots of Account Types (Including Swap-Free Ones);
  • Transparent Billing;
  • 24/5 Customer Care Service;

Users Can Choose Their Preferred Platform

The KayaFX broker allows users to pick from three different trading platforms. They are the MetaTrader 4 (MT4), WebTrader, and the Mobile FX App. Every one of them is designed with the idea of catering to the individual needs of online investors.

MT4 is intended for both professionals and newcomers. It provides access to light-speed analysis and highly-advanced charting. Users are provided with the ability to customize the settings, including the indicators and advisers. Trading operations can be carried out with ease and simplicity.

WebTrader platform allows one to place orders with only a mouse click, as well as engage in copy and social trading. The interface has been specifically tested as to make the investment process as smooth as possible. Sophisticated analysis and market data are also available. There are also live Visual Trends, demo account possibility, analysis and charts, and the Trading Cubes – a live-feed of current trends and crucial information.

The Mobile FX App is directed at traders who are on the constant run and prefer to invest on the go. The only thing different from the desktop versions is the fact that the interface has gone through additional enhancing and has been made more intuitive.

Opportunity to Expand the Trading Horizons

KayaFX broker platform has its very own education center, dubbed the Knowledge Center. It features an increased amount of learning materials which address the basics and more complic

Account Types Variety

This Forex trading platform offers four distinct account types. They are respectively called Mini, Bronze, Silver, and Gold. There is also the Swap-Free Account which is intended for users who prefer to apply long-term trading strategies. Its main purpose is to help them avoid potential losses when transferring positions after the passing of midnight.

There are no commissions or hidden charges. The spreads are fixed and floating ones. Traders are also entitled to guidance from a Personal Account Manager with years of investment experience. Mini is the lowest account type and is best suitable for beginners.

It ensures access to all the main trading tools, including the educational and resource center, expert advisor, Personal Account Manager, hedging, and 24/5 customer support. Bronze is the next one which features the same special features, adding the webinars.

The Silver Account works on the same principle, granting access to daily market alerts, One-on-One Trading, and the leverage is upgraded to 1:200. It is also the most popular one. Gold is intended for highly-advanced traders and has its own Personal Bonus Policy and Personal Trading Conditions.

Hasil gambar untuk Bitcoin Kaya FX review 2018

KayaFX is a reliable and authentic broker platform. It offers access to more than 150 different assets which are mainly currency pairs, commodities, and CFDs. The Forex trading tool might be new on the digital market but it has managed to establish a solid reputation for itself. Users prefer it because of the wide variety of trading tools, account types, and learning materials. This is one of the top available investment choices on the Internet and it seeks to remain one for good.



Bitcoin Golden

Bitcoin Golden

Bitcoin Gold Review

Bitcoin Gold is a new type of cryptocurrency which was designed by Jack Liao. Jack Liao is Hong Kong based mining enterprises. However, this currency is a clone of Bitcoin. If you have 1 BTC, you will be able to exchange it on 1 BTG. However, the creator has designed this currency with a purpose to become a better version than Bitcoin. This project was launched on global marketplace back in November 2017. Now, it is ready to grow a new coin generation.

Hasil gambar untuk bitcoin gold review 2018

It is supposed to be a different version of famous Bitcoin. However, if you own Bitcoins, the company will automatically exchange them in BTG. The value of both is same. You must be wondering what is different between both of them. Well, you will have the advantage to get stronger security with BTG. There will be no need to worry about inconveniences. Also, its base algorithm is designed in a way that it will work faster than the old version of Bitcoin.

Well, in order to get your BTG you will need to get a different wallet. However, it will have the same key as previous versions but they rules are imposed for you to execute them. You need to be careful regarding you private key because it will provide you with all the benefits that you are looking for.

Innovation In Blockchain Technology

The innovative element about this new coin is its new algorithm which is known as “Equihash”. This algorithm offers bigger hard memory as well as a higher security. This algorithm allows you to have access to pool miners. Therefore, you will not find professional miners there but you will also see the users that are having low power personal computers.


·This new BItcoin Gold is predicted to be more decentralized as compare to the Bitcoin version. However, the creator has introduced a new algorithm which allows the processing of data to beginner, smaller and big miners. It has designed to work more conveniently than older version.

·It has a different hardware than Bitcoin. However, the new version promises the users to mine faster with a higher security.

·It is friendly for ordinary users.

·Miners with Bitcoin can exchange them to BTG for the amount.

·The transaction process will remain same as for Bitcoin.


·Unfortunately, there isn’t much information about this new version. This project is a fresh launch and we still don’t have any idea how it will work for our benefit. However, the current users are ready to try something new if this will not harm their balance account.

·It is not really difficult to get Bitcoin Gold. However, you will need to create a new wallet having same private key.

What Is Bitcoin Gold?

It is the latest declination of Bitcoin which was developed and introduced by Jack Liao. However, this new currency aims to be a store of value which is even more stronger and effective than Bitcoin. The creator of this currency, Jack Liao is CEO of LightningAsic. He wants to achieve this goal by solving the centralization issues of miners by making use of a modification of the “proof of work”. However, a hard for was needed to achieve this goal.

According to Crypto-France, “a hard fork appears as a result when the blockchain gets split in two, under the force of a fundamental change in the rules that drives the system. However, this change in rules permits the creation of new blocks on the new chain – blocks that are not compatible with the old one”.

The algorithm which is used for this purpose is known as “Equihash”. It is a memory and work proof algorithm which is highly resistant to ASICs. However, this algorithm has already been used by ZCash. The idea of this algorithm is to allow the users to generate money with graphics processors (GPUs).

How It Works?

It works in such a way that it records details on the ledger during a specific time period. The tow transaction that are processed on it are identical to each but when the fork applies new rules on these transaction, they differentiate from each other. The scaling issues are solved in regard to bitcoin cash with two concurrent currencies Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin.

With the launch of new Bitcoin Gold, miners are feeling afraid because they take a lot of risks regarding people to use their networks. Well, the solutions for scaling have been created in order to ensure miners to keep on earning their fees instead of it being expensive.

How To Mine and Where To Mine It?

The mining of Bitcoin Gold can be carried out by making use of GPU’s and using equihash as an algorithm. As compared to Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, both of them are using ASICs machine for the purpose of mining. This is a dramatic change which is aimed at decentralizing bitcoin.

In order to enable yourself to mine, you will need powerful GPU chips that are made by AMD/Nvidia.

The major idea behind Equihash is that the algortithm is limited more by memory than by computing power. You can mine this new coin easily without facing any troubles like you faced with previous coins. However, you will be glad to know that it works in such a way that even a beginner will find it easy to mine Bitcoin Gold. The creator has designed it specifically for all types of miners.

This network makes use of hard fork technology which was introduced back on October 25th 2017. However, a hard fork appears as a result when the blockchain gets split in two, under the force of a fundamental change in the rules that drives the system. However, this change in rules permits the creation of new blocks on the new chain – blocks that are not compatible with the old one.

You will need GPUs to start mining this coin as it is a memory based network, so users having low powered computer can also mine by making use of their computers.

You can choose any of these mining companies to mine Bitcoin Gold:

Best Methods for Mining

While mining, you will have the choice to mine by yourself (solo) or you can mine with others (pool mining). However, the difference is that with solo mining you will have to everything on your own but in pool mining you will work with others to mine the block. It implies that solo miners will need powerful and multiple computers that are having high end graphics cards.

Well, pool mining is really simpler because you will pool together will other miners, and the hashrate will be combined and it will move towards solving the block. It is because the pool will be using the combined hashrate from all the miners. In pool mining every user will get paid according to their contribution to the block. For example, if you are contributing 10% while mining a block, you will get 10% of the total reward generated by the pool. However, if you are mining alone then you will liable to get the whole reward alone. If you are not an expert in mining and looking to mine then you should consider pool mining. It will be helpful for you to work alongside the experts to generate more rewards with mining.

Wallet For Storing Your Coins

Well, it is nice to have Bitcoin or Bitcoin Gold, but it will be better if you are able to keep them safe and secure. It is because nobody is ever too safe from digital scams and hacking. This is witnessed by the recent fraud of 3.3 million euro due to which several Bitcoin Gold holders suffered a lot. However, this fraud happened few weeks after the fork was introduced. The website is a hacking site and the owners of the site asked the users to share their private keys to generate a wallet. According to this information, the hacker owners of the site get access to crypto currencies which they transferred to other addresses. In result, the victims of this incident were left crying.

In order to get safe and avoid such experiences, here are some considerations:

·You need to save your private keys or seed phrase and then protect them with a strong password.

·You should never disclose your private key to anyone under any circumstances.

·You should keep only small amount of expenses in your wallet.

·In order to save your money, you should go for cold wallets whose keys are stored offline. Another better idea is to make use of a hardware wallet. In such case, there are many hardware wallets available in the market. The best hardware wallets in my opinion are:

Therefore, it is recommended to make us of a hardware wallet if you are looking forward to more security for your coins. There are various wallets available in the market but you should consider using a wallet which is safe and allows you to store your keys offline.

Where To Buy?

Bitcoin Gold is a new type of cryptocurrency which was designed by Jack Liao. Jack Liao is Hong Kong based mining enterprises. However, this currency is a clone of Bitcoin. If you have 1 BTC, you will be able to exchange it on 1 BTG. However, the creator has designed this currency with a purpose to become a better version than Bitcoin. This project was launched on global marketplace back in November 2017. Now, it is ready to grow a new coin generation.

It is supposed to be a different version of famous Bitcoin. However, if you own Bitcoins, the company will automatically exchange them in BTG. The value of both is same. You must be wondering what is different between both of them. Well, you will have the advantage to get stronger security with BTG. There will be no need to worry about inconveniences. Also, its base algorithm is designed in a way that it will work faster than the old version of Bitcoin.

Since November 2017, it has gained a lot of popularity of among cryptcurrency investors and people are looking forward to invest more and more in it. There are various exchanges that are offering opportunity to invest in Bitcoin Gold.

Here is a list of few exchanges:

It is one of the oldest platforms for cryptocurrency. It was launched back in 2013 in London. It is a very safe platform.

Binance is a Chinese based company which was launched in the middle of 2017. It is very safe and professional. However, it offers very low fees.

BitBay is an exchange which is Polished based. However, it only supports 7 currencies for now.

HitBTC was launched back in 2014. This platform supports a lot of coins which makes this platform ideal for arbitrage opportunities. However, this platform only supports blockchain deposits.


However, the prices of BTG varies everyday but at the time of writing this article, it has a value of $48.29 USD (10.43%).

Hasil gambar untuk bitcoin gold review 2018


There are several reviews about Bitcoin Gold on Reddit but the majority of people are happy with this new coin. There are many people who are looking forward to invest in it. According to our research, around 85% are showing their interest to invest in this coin. It is a safe platform as it works on an advanced algorithm. People are looking forward to Bitcoin Gold mining as well as there are several mining pools to contribute in. If you are looking forward that where to buy Bitcoin Gold then you should consider that there are several exchanges working to provide you with best rates. Bitcoin Gold has a growing community on Reddit and number of subscribers are growing day by day.


We have provided the best of our knowledge in this Bitcoin Gold Review. Well, if you are looking forward to invest in this coin then you should go for it as it is growing day by day. It is a safe platform but in order to get yourself save from the scams or hackers, you should consider using a hardware wallet or any other wallet that is safe.

Bitcoin Prime

Bitcoin Prime

After many requests, I decided to do this PrimeCFD review. You may not find yet many PrimeCFD complaints. It is a relatively new binary options broker. However, I did a good online research on several forums, websites, blog comments and I also found very few serious comments.

PrimeCFD complaints across the internet

You can find many complaints about most brokers. You can see that in my other binary options brokers reviews. PrimeCFD is not one of them. The serious complaints were really few. Most of them were these type of complaints that you can understand it is not worth reading it. They are just frustrated traders leaving negative comments everywhere.

Here are the two serious complaints about PrimeCFD I found:

“Hi, I decided to try it, I joined as a rookie, after serious thought I decided to cancel and withdraw my money $250.00. They say they paid $200.00 into my card account on the 4th of November. My bank so far has not received this money and it is now the 19th of November. My bank is asking for a copy of their transaction, we will wait now with bated breath”

However, the trader never updated. Usually, when someone does not get their money, they keep posting. This is what I also did in two cases I never got my withdrawals. So, I assume, she finally got it.

The second complaint:

“Immediately after opening and funding my account, I saw that trades were made on my account. I contacted them immediately and they seemed not to know anything about it.”

It is the first and last time I saw a comment like this about PrimeCFD.

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PrimeCFD Review


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It was Founded recently in 2017. Yet, PrimeCFD trading is already looking like a Professional CFD and binary options broker. PrimeCFD established their head office in Romania. The broker claims to have branch offices in South Africa, Malaysia, Ukraine, Nigeria, Bulgaria, Netherlands, Finland, and Norway.

VFSC is the regulator of this broker. VFSC stands for Vanuatu Financial Services Commission. It is the financial regulatory authority of Vanuatu. Vanuatu is a  is a Pacific island nation located in the South Pacific Ocean.

It offers high returns of up to 81% from a single trade and a varied range of assets to trade in. PrimeCFD also offers the best flexible Web-based trading platform for its clients.

This binary options company has been in service for just about few months only. Yet, it is well recognized by many professional traders for the high-quality services and trust issues. PrimeCFD has received many awards from several organizations. These include iGB Awards, Forex Magnates, UK Forex, EGR, CIOT Expo, and

Click here if you want to try PrimeCFD

PrimeCFD Trading Platform

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PrimeCFD broker has the most ‘traders-friendly’ proprietary trading platform that works. It is carefully designed,simple to use and need 4 clicks of the mouse to make a trading transaction. As other standard brokers, PrimeCFD’s trading platform is fully web-based. There is no need to download any soft through a secure HTTPS panel. This way it protects your data and ensures that no one can get your personal information. You can find the PrimeCFD login or register page here.

Accepted nationalities

This broker accepts all nationalities except for US customers. Click here for the Marketsworld review that accepts US customers.

Prime CFD Demo account

Unfortunately, this binary broker does not offer a Demo account yet.

Binary brokers nowadays generally offer a good amount of fundamental assets. This broker is not exceptional. At PrimeCFD trading, there are about 90 underlying assets in four (4) different types to deal in; Forex, Stock, Commodity, Bonds.

The payout percentages at PrimeCFD vary on the type of trades. The standard return varies from 71% to 81%.

PrimeCFD broker has five different types of trading accounts. The account types are actually based on traders’ experience. If you are a newbie, start with the ‘Mini Account’. If you have long experience in binary trading, you can choose to go with ‘Diamond Account’. Other accounts are Silver, Gold, and Platinum. The payouts vary from 82% to 88% on different account types.

PrimeCFD Withdrawals & Deposit

PrimeCFD offers several payment methods to its traders for easy deposit and withdrawal process. You can make a deposit or withdrawal using your Cards like Visa, MasterCard, and Maestro. You can also use Wire transfer or eWallets option to deposit funds or withdraw your

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Traders have the expediency of quite a few methods of fund transaction. It accepts leading credit Cards like Visa, MasterCard, Maestro cards. Traders also have the options of extra payment systems like eWallets and wire transfer.

All these processes are trustworthy, secure and well organized. A secure HTTPS panel handles all transactions. This way it protects your data and ensures that no one can get your personal information.

If you want to see how a non-reliable broker looks, visit my Binarymate review.

PrimeCFD Languages

It is newly established broker. I do not expect them to offer customer support or web platform in so many languages. The website, their platform and customer support is available in English and Arabic as well.

Safety of Funds

Along with SSL certified, the broker’s platform is also PSI approved. The broker didn’t make it clear what actually PSI approved is, and I don’t have any idea either. SSL certification actually secures our personal information from any third party or hackers. The broker also claims to maintain segregated bank accounts for trader’s funds. The term ‘segregated account’ indicates that traders and brokers’ money are kept separately from each other. If the broker maintains a segregated account then you can trace your every cent fund any time you wish.

Customer Support

While trading with this broker, I came up with few queries regarding their platform and payouts. I was able to reach their customer support through live chat and phone call. Obviously, they do response through emails too but that takes a day to get any response.

Definitely not. PrimeCFD broker does not provide a demo account. This is unfortunate as most new traders will have a strong need for testing their strategy first.

The minimum deposit is a bit high. You can find brokers with lower minimum deposits.

I also do not like the fact that is regulated by Vanuatu commission. It does not sound too reliable.

But it is not a scam. It is not perfect like Highlow, but it is good.

The News Spy

The News Spy Review

The News Spy is an autotrader which claims to earn its users an average income of at least $1,500 per day. There is no assurance about the reliability of the software. While we were investigating this service we found a lot of misleading factors which makes us more suspicious about their service. Read our full review to find out why we recommend everyone to stay away from this scam.

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There is no information about the creators or developers behind this software. The lack of transparency and the level of mysteriousness covering this firm makes us believe that we are dealing with a fraudulent software.

The News Spy provides investment advice. While we were trying to validate their operation we were unable to find any certificates confirming licenses which they must lawfully hold. Since we could not find any licenses we recommend all our readers to use extreme caution while dealing with this service.

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The News Spy does not talk anything about how the signals are generated by their software. We do not know which indicators or parameters it considers before executing a trade. The accuracy rate of the software is not mentioned anywhere on their website. There is no option to switch between aggressive and passive risk management techniques depending up on the various market conditions. How can they expect the investors to trust their software without telling them the win rate and draw down of the trading system it follows?

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The News Spy claims to earn its users an average income of $1,500 by just clicking few buttons. High income claims is an effective trick used by scams to attract newbie investors and convince them to invest into their software. Ask yourself if this software could really generate these type of returns on a consistent basis why would they offer it to the public for free?

The News Spy does not offer a demo account. There is no way to test this software without having to risk your hard earned money. There is no sort of educational outlet on their website. If you face any problem on their platform there is absolutely nothing you can do about it as there is no customer support team to assist you.

The News Spy requires a minimum deposit of $250 in order to get started with their autotrader. The platform features a list of broker synced with their software out of which most are unregulated. Always make sure that you are dealing only with regulated brokers. The News Spy is affiliated with the brokers it features on their list which means they get a commission for every client they refer.

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The News Spy features a lot of testimonies on their website where in the early users share their thoughts about this software. Isn’t it strange that all of the comments and testimonies are extremely favorable towards them? There is no way to verify that the comments are from actual users. However, note that the testimonies are from paid actors from Ask yourself why would they put up fake testimonies unless they are deliberately trying to hide something from us?

The News Spy Review Conclusion-

The News Spy is not a reliable automated trading solutions. If you ever decide to try out this software despite our warning use extreme caution.

The Crypto Genius

The Crypto Genius

“Wait! Only 6 Beta Spots Left,” cries the annoying exit pop-up on “Don’t miss out on earning $5,900 in the next 24 hours! Enter Your Information To Get Started Risk-Free.” Should you enter your email address and sign up with The Crypto Genius or run away as fast as possible? Keep reading this review and find out!

Crypto Trader System

Crypto Trader System

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Crypto trading, or cryptocurrency trading, is simply the exchange of cryptocurrencies. Like in Forex, you can also buy and sell a cryptocurrency for another, like Bitcoin or altcoin for USD and Euro. This is one way of getting involved in the world of cryptocurrencies without having to mine it.

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Created in 2009, Bitcoin is considered to be the most popular cryptocurrency. Bitcoin uses peer-to-peer technology for decentralized control, allowing it to operate without any central authorities or banks. The core component of Bitcoin is the blockchain, a digital public ledger of all transactions.


In 2011, the Litecoin was created as a nearly identical cryptocurrency to Bitcoin but with faster processing speed, thanks to its adoption of the Segregated Witness and Lightning Network and other improvements.


Ethereum, though younger by two years, has surpassed Litecoin in popularity and is now the most used cryptocurrency behind Bitcoin. Ethereum also boasts faster processing speeds thanks to smart contracts, digital “if-then” agreements.

The Crypto Trade System by Jake Norton claims to be another investment solution which will trade cryptocurrencies for you automatically and profit from innovative, computerized monetary forms. The software only got introduced, we had a look at it, find our review below.

What is the Crypto Trade System?

The Crypto Trade System apparently is a trading optimization or trading bot, that will monitor cryptocurrency prices and automatically trade for you. The prices are checked on multiple exchanges. The inventor of Crypto Trading System claims the bot will make instant trades, buying cheap and selling high.

The site promotes a “constant supply of profits” after you have invested your funds to the platform.

How Does the Crypto Trade System Work?

The system is checking trade prices on Kraken, Poloniex, Bitstamp, Bitfinex, and Coinbase. If you want to use the system, you will have to deposit a minimum of $250 USD and a broker will start trading with your account right away.

Supposedly, spots are limited for the beta version, the video on the website cannot stress enough on how new users have to hurry up to sign in. It is also mentioned multiple times, how many thousands of dollars you can possibly make per day.

But even the site itself claims the following:

“Trading cryptocurrencies can generate significant benefits but also involves a risk of partial or full funds loss and should be considered by initial investors. We strongly advise that you read our terms & conditions and disclaimer page before making any investment. Customers must be aware of their individual capital gain tax liability in their country of residence. It is against the law to solicit.”

Crypto Trade System Verdict

The table with allegedly recent trading results is featuring fake results, crypto prices do not portray actual market prices.  We do not advise anyone to use Crypto Trading System.



Bitcoin Trader

Bitcoin Trader

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BitCoin Trader – The Powerful Crypto Robot

Bitcoin Trader software is a powerful and efficient crypto robot which is actually able to provide all of its members with unlimited and totally free access to the financial markets and to achieve success in online trading.Hasil gambar untuk Bitcoin Trader

The launch of the innovative system is completely scheduled and very well planned. Most of the regular traders from all over the world know that for the past 3-4 years currency mining and dealing with cryptocurrency exchange has become a very successful business. When it comes to bitcoins it is important to mention that their price is constantly rising which means that dealing with this specific cryptocurrency would be a great way for regular people to invest.

We believe that the newly presented bitcoin trading bot is a great option for both newbie investors and experienced traders. Furthermore, the brokers pulling the strings behind this crypto robot are going to do everything needed to help you generate steady results. This has been confirmed after our contact center received multiple positive feedback regarding the performance of the system and the features it provides its users with.

Now, we would like to present to your attention some more detailed information related to the robot. Here is everything that you should known about it before you open an account.

Bitcoin Trader Review

Bitcoin and crypto trading is a way many people use in order to start investing. This is why, by dealing with this powerful and proficient crypto robot you will be able to easily secure your income without having to do much in return.

This system is basically an exclusive club for opportunity seekers looking to achieve success. All users need to do is to take a look at their current balance once a day for 4-5 minutes. The system is enabled with laser-accurate performance which will make sure that your investment will be doubled and even tripled with a high accuracy level. This strike rate is possible thanks to the superior technology which includes some advanced programming precedes market rates in 0.01 seconds so you have an “edge”.

bitcoin trader main advantages

How Does the Crypto Mining Platform Work?

It is so easy to register with the robot and start using it on autopilot. There are just 3 short steps you should complete first. Fill in the web form, activate your account by funding it with just $250 and enable to autopilot trading mode. The access to the product is 100% free and the initial deposit is only needed for trading purposes.

In case you need some additional advice, guidance or any kind of assistance, you can rely on the customer support center which is available 24/7. The team consists of educated people who will manage to answer to all your questions on time.

If you are deliberating and not quite sure about what kind of trading app is best for you then it is perfectly normal. This is why we would like to assure you that trading with cryptocurrency is among the most preferred options regular traders choose as it is really quickly developing.

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Bitcoin Trader is a robot created by a group of online investing experts who wanted to provide traders from all over the world with access to a reserved platform exclusively for people who are willing to profit and to take advantage of the Bitcoin offers.

This is why we would like to recommend the robot to our readers and to tell them that in case they are searching for the right automated trading software, they have just found the right product for them.

Bitcoin Trader AU

Bitcoin Trader AU

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The Bitcoin Trader Review

It’s no secret that there is a ton of money floating around right now in the form of crypto-currencies like Bitcoin. Of course, when there is a lot money involved in any kind of market, there are going to be scammers. We’re here today doing a Bitcoin Trader ( scam review to get to the bottom of whether or not this seemingly bogus trading app is the real deal.

To give you a little hint, the presentation video is full of celebrity appearances that are not allowed, the owner is mysterious, and the promise of unrealistic profits has us asking more questions than we ever have.

Bitcoin Trader software is indeed very suspicious and a lot of it just does not make any sense at all.

We’re here to further investigate Bitcoin Trader trading software because you need to be made aware of just how dangerous and malicious this software is.

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What Is Bitcoin Trader Software?

Well, in theory, this program is supposed to allow you to trade Bitcoin, while always making huge profits and never being at risk of losing your money.

Hmm, sounds too good to be true doesn’t it?

Usually we’d go further into a description here, but as you will see, based on all of the negative evidence we’ve uncovered about this obvious rip-off, there just is not any point.

How Does The Bitcoin Trader App Work?

One of the most ridiculous aspects of this whole thing is that we are told that the Bitcoin Trader app works by being faster than anybody and anything else.

The story goes that it is something like 0.001 seconds faster than any other trading computer, broker, automated service, or real life human trader.

This is clearly a lie, because if this program were so fast, it would have put every other trader in the world out of business already.

Moreover, in order to be so much faster than the rest, Bitcoin Trader software would have had to come up with some truly advanced, sophisticated, and revolutionary technology.

However, there is never any mention of how this program was made to be faster than the others.

Moreover, we’re also never informed of what trading strategies are in place or what the overlying algorithm does.

In essence, the crooks running the show never really tell us how the Bitcoin Trader app works to generate cash for us.

We can’t trust a program with such a lack of details and neither should you.

Another red flag we encountered, one that clearly signals that a scam is afoot, is the promise of enormous profits and awesome risk ratios.

Whoever is behind this junk software told us that Bitcoin Trader scam software has a 95% accuracy or ITM rate.

This would mean that it only loses 5 out of every 100 trades.

That is way too good to be true. Not even the best of the best BTC trading systems in the world can manage that.

Unless there is a guy who can literally tell the future running the show, this is totally unrealistic and absolutely impossible.

Moreover, telling us that we can triple or even quadruple our investment in a single day, every day, is just as nonsensical as the whole ITM thing.

Automated trading apps just can’t muster these kinds of results. Period, end of story!

Bitcoin Trader App & Falsified Celebrity Commentary

Another indication that Bitcoin Trader software is a complete money thieving scheme is the fact that Bill Gates and Richard Branson clearly never talked about it.

To clarify, the Bitcoin Trader website states that Gates and Branson have had some extremely positive things to say about this app.

Furthermore, in the presentation video, we actually see these men talking about Bitcoin.

Now, what most people probably did not notice is that Gates and Branson, while they talk about BTC and crypto-currencies, they never actually mention Bitcoin Trader software.

We the viewer are being intentionally misled to believe that Bill and Rich actually endorse this software.

The criminals in charge here are just trying to lend some false credibility to their horrible software by trying to associate it with some rich folk.

The reality is that neither Bill Gates nor Richard Branson have ever said a single good thing about this software.

Some people might even go so far as to say that claiming to have these men on your side is illegal. Be warned people, Bill Gates does definitely not approve of this software.

Who Is In Charge Of The Bitcoin Trader App?

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The sad truth is that the people running the show choose to stay hidden in the shadows.

The presentation video features a voice narrator who never tells us his name, nor does he ever state which company or individual funded the Bitcoin Trader app.

We are never even provided with any real contact info.

The bottom line is that you should never trust trading software with your money when it is anonymous.

If you don’t know who is running the show, you can’t do anything if and when your money inevitably goes missing.

A query is of no help to us in this case since the creators of the Bitcoin Trader are using a privacy service to hide their identities.


Bitcoin Trader Multi

Bitcoin Trader Multi

Bitcoin Trader Registration Information. Take a look at My Bitcoin Trader Testimonial To Discover How You Can Join And Register For The Bitcoin Trading Robot

I get receive a lot of questions from my friends asking me how can they register for The Bitcoin Trading Robot and why do they need to deposit $250?
Okay let me explain, To start trading with the Bitcoin Trader system you require money inside your broker account so you can trade.

How To Complete The Bi

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tcoin Trader Registration
Visit The Website Enter In Your Email, You will than be redirected to the Bitcoin Trader members area, Fill out the form with your First Name, Last Name, Email Address, telephone number and Password (This is the password you will use to login to the Bitcoin Trader system).
You will than be redirected to the broker to create your trading account. The Minimum Initial Deposit to open your brand new trading account is a $250 Investment. (You can withdraw your $250 deposit as well as your profits at any time)
As soon as you invest the $250 you will be redirected to the Bitcoin Trader Login Page where you will be able to Sign in And Start Trading (Your login credentials will also be sent to your email address you provided on the previous form).

So to summarize:.

To Register the Bitcoin Trading Bot you have to deposit into the trading account, The trading account will be connected to Bitcoin Trader.
So another question I get asked a lot is Why do they have to create a trading account, It is very simple the trading account you create allows you to properly link the Bitcoin Trader software to the broker.
The Bitcoin Trader software has to verify your account and its done automatically after you have funded your trading account with one of the recommended brokers.

Bitcoin Trader Review: Exactly how Does The Bitcoin Trading Robot Earn money? Is The Bitcoin Trader Easy To Use? Take a look at My Bitcoin Trader Review Now To Discover The Real Truth About The Bitcoin Trader App Before You Download and install The Bitcoin Trader Software system

Bitcoin Trading Robot  is a binary options trading signal software that provides automated trading feature and also provides Trading signals on currencies pairs, assets and indices. The Bitcoin Trader software incorporates with the Best binary option Trading brokers. The Bitcoin Trader software does not cost anything itself but to be able to make use of The Bitcoin Trader App, All You need to do is funds your trading account so you can begin trading so you will need to Deposit at least $250 initial investment to the Bitcoin Trader broker so you can begin To Earn money With The Bitcoin Trader System…

The Bitcoin Trader program has been released for investors who want to make Easy Money With Binary Options.

The Bitcoin Trader brokers make daily payments to new members, You Can Download The Bitcoin Trader System For Free

The Bitcoin Trader system is a highly professional Trading platform, with the ability of earning money on autopilot. The Bitcoin Trader App is accepting an extremely limited number of beta testers who can get 100% Free access.

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You Can start trading with The Bitcoin Trader System and be setup in less than 5 minutes and then start watching profits coming into your trading account within the next Hour.
The Bitcoin Trader Website:

The Bitcoin Trader Members Area

Bitcoin Trader Broker: Recommended Brokers are 100% Legit

Bitcoin Trader The Bitcoin Trader system is a very successful trading software developed by some of the very best finance investors on the planet. The Bitcoin Trader software has progressively been developed over the years to where they are now.

Bitcoin Trader System

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The Bitcoin Trader System predicts market trends in real time and anticipate the top investors habits in the binary option trading market. The Bitcoin Trader system then determines the most effective trading options for the beta tester members. Bitcoin Trader does the whole mathematics as well as provides the best choice for safe as well as profitable trades.

The accessibility of The Bitcoin Trader system is absolutely free of charge. Bitcoin Trader isn’t ever going to cost you anything at all. There aren’t any amounts with regards to your winning trades being deducted or any kind of surprise costs. When you fill in The Bitcoin Trader sign up form, you’re going to be sent to The Private Bitcoin Trader members area where you can complete the form and be connected with a binary brokerage.The features of The Bitcoin Trader trading platform provides a superb trading experience

When you want to withdraw funds in the Bitcoin Trader members area, This can be done by requesting a withdrawal request within The Bitcoin Trader system and the funds is going to be deposited direct into your bank account within 2 business days.

The Bitcoin Trader interface is really easy to use as well as a quick and easy way to make money. You have options to choose languages, your Active Trades and also can watch your Trading History in real time. The Bitcoin Trader Interface is so easy to use anybody that has never traded a day in their life can start see profits in a matter of hours.

The best ways to Get Started Trading With The Bitcoin Trader System

It’s really easy to get going with The Bitcoin Trader trading software. Follow these Simple Steps:

Go to The Official Bitcoin Trader Website Here:
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Simply Enter Your Name and also Email Address then click the “Get Started Now” Button
You will be than redirected to the Bitcoin Trader Members Area, Just Enter your information in the form to create your Bitcoin Trader Trading Account.
In The Bitcoin Trader Dashboard – You’ll see the Most Suggested binary options trading Signals, these Signals are on specific Indices, Currencies and also Commodities, you will also see the Auto Trading Feature this is excellent for the new traders, As all you have to do is click one button to start trading, Then you’ll see the active trades as well as your winning trades!

You also have the choice to change your preferred language in the top right corner.
You have options to Fund your trading account at The Bitcoin Trader System And you will able to access the Very Helpful Bitcoin Trader Support team to the left side of your dashboard.
That’s it! You’re ready to Begin Trading!

Bitcoin Trader Recap

The Bitcoin Trader Software system is a legitimate Binary Options Trading System. The Bitcoin Trader is an Unique Automated Binary Options Trading Signals Software.

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