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Crypto Trader

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Crypto Trader Review (Crypto-Trader.Co) – Is Crypto Trader A scam Or legit Money Maker?

Crypto Trader review. Is Crypto Trader A Scam?

Many people dream of making is big online. There are those people who work hard and earn a lot of money and those that just seem to get lucky. Today we are looking at a money making system that claims to make the process of making money online very easy. In fact the guy in the sales video for this product claims he has made millionaires with this system. The product is called Crypto Trader and is currently becoming very popular online.

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If you have received an email or seen an advert online, then perhaps you might be wondering if this is worth your time. Well, you did the right thing in doing your research before joining Crypto Trader. In this article we’ll be taking a close look at what this system is all about and what you can expect if you join. Is Crypto Trader a scam? Or perhaps this is the very system that you have been looking for? Welcome to my Crypto Trader review!

What Crypto Trader Claims To Be

Crypto Trader is said to be the next greatest thing for making money online. After watching the sales video we learn that this system has apparently made millionaires already. The system is based on the idea that you can trade binary options on “Crpto Currency”. Although this might sound complex and confusing to many people, the system also claims to be very easy to use. So easy in fact that the entire process is done “automatically”.

The Crypto Trader presenter talking about the automated trading software.

If you are totally new to the idea of making money online, then you might not have heard about binary trading. Binary Trading is a method of investing money on stocks, shares and commodities from home. In recent years the process has been simplified a great deal by many online trading platforms that have cropped up. But since the popularity of binary trading has started to increase, so too has the amount of binary trading scams.

Right now we are seeing new scams being launched onto the market every week. So is this just another scam designed to rip you off? Or is Crypto Trader a legitimate way to make a ton of money?

Is Crypto Trader A Scam?

At first glance you would be forgiven for thinking that this might be the dream solution to your financial worries. However, this system is more of a nightmare than a dream. After doing a bit of research it would appear that the Crypto Trader software is completely fake. This scam follows the same pattern that we have seen several times lately.

The idea is to get you thinking that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Whilst it’s true that Crypto Currency is very popular online right now, this system is simply trying to take advantage of that. They want you to believe that only a few people will be allowed to use this system. In actual fact, they want as many people as they can get.

The Crypto Trader software is said to be free of charge. However, should you join this scam you will soon find that you need to “invest” money in order to start the system. In all of the scams that we have seen lately, they try to convince you that you are paying for nothing and that the money you invest will still be your own. Yet at the bottom of the Crypto Trader website we see a warning in plain sight.

The Crypto Trader Scam – Taking As Much As They Can!

The Crypto Trader website requires you to provide several pieces of information that it needs to set up your account. You will be asked for quite a bit of personal information, including your telephone number. There is a very good reason for this. First of all, these scammers need your details to set up a binary trading account. Secondly, they use the information that you provide to sell onto other marketing companies.

A box full of money scammed from innocent people! Don't get involved with binary trading.If you sign up to Crypto Trader you will very quickly receive a phone call from someone wanting to verify who you are. This is required by law, but watch out because these guys are trained sales people. As well as verifying your identity, the binary trading company will attempt to to sell you their training products or services. These services can be extremely expensive!

Every time someone deposits money into their binary broker account, the scammers make a commission. And every time someone signs up to the additional services, they make money there too. Selling your personal info onto the highest bidder is also quite profitable for the scam artists as well.

Still considering joining Crypto Trader? I wouldn’t bother!

Does Crypto Trader Work?

If you are still wondering if Crypto Trader is real, let me make it very clear for you. Crypto Trader is a total scam, designed to do nothing but take your money. The software is fake and was never designed to make money for you. Instead, this is a fast track way to lose all of your investment. And if you think you can just get a refund, you better think again! What makes this so great for the scammers is that you can’t get a refund! Once your money has been used up by the software, the only ones in profit are the scam artists.

What’s the alternative to making money with online trading?

Binary trading is aimed at people who really want to make money but don’t know how. There is no such thing as a get rich quick scheme online. The only thing that Crypto Trader will do is lose your money. Our top recommendation for making money online is to take a much different approach. Rather that trying to get rich quick, you should instead take the approach to building a solid business foundation.

We recommend taking a look at a website called Wealthy Affiliate. They provide everything you need to start a successful online business. The best part is that you can get started at no cost! Get more information by clicking the link and reading our full Wealthy Affiliate review.

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Epix Trader

Epix Trader

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Epix Trader Review – Full Details

In this Epix Trader review, we shall be explaining at length, how the software works and why it is programmed to give you optimum results.  The statements made at the beginning of the video pitch for Epix Trader are well researched and correct:

Generally speaking, traders use software systems such as Epix Trader in order to gain profits.  This is especially so when robots detect situations which humans are not capable of recognising.  The base algorithm for the Epix Trader is pivoting around the perfect entry and exit time of any particular trade.

Forex and Binary Options are both traded on the same algorithms.  This is the first time, however, that we come across a Robot that has been specially designed to work on both types of platforms. Robots that are written with systems intended to find the best trading situations are rare.  The Epix Trader is designed to be a trading assistant. It can detect the best trading time frames, and will hep traders achieve fast results.  The Epix Trader is designed for maximum efficiency, safety, and profitability.

 Epix Trader – A Positive Review

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For those of you who are familiar with this site, you are aware that it is very rare that we recommend a system for safe trading.  Our Hall of Shame is an ever growing list of scams. We warn our users to avoid and stay clear of Blacklisted Systems.

Therefore, whenever we come across a legitimate system, we test it out for results. Epix Trader is extremely versatile and innovative.  We immediately set out to try it and find out Epix Trader results for ourselves. Below we will give you plenty of reasons for which we are endorsing the Epix Trader.

Legitimate trading software systems are designed to take advantage of market movements. They highlight the best time and assets which a trader should take advantage of.  I would also like to specify that nowadays complete “hands-free trading” is no longer legitimate.  CySec has been particularly strict with brokers. It has banned those who accept robots that take control over traders accounts.  Fully-automated trading is regarded as not legitimate with regulated brokers.  Therefore, today whenever anyone offers a fully-automated system you can rest assured that it is a scam.  This is not so with Epix Trader.

Epix Trader is a signal software system that can be used on both Binary Options Platforms as well as Forex MT4 platforms.  It is legitimate because it is based on market movements. It is NOT based on rigged algorithms which make the robot take control over your account and trade on your behalf losing trades!

 Unbiased Epix Trader Software Review – Scam Free System!

The Epix Trader is presented to us by Mark Evans, an algorithm specialist, and his wife Tina D’Angelo a top trading analyst.  Mark Evans and Tina D’Angelo are the co-team behind the Epix Trader.  They are top graduates who were both influenced by the Theory of Relativity. The Epix Trader is based on the  Alchemy of Finance of George Soros.

George Soros has been a great influence in the way in which the Epix Trader has been wired up.  Soros is known as the Man Who Broke the Bank of England.  In the video presentation, Mark and Tina explain how they apply the same principles in their Epix Trader.  They are the principles that have brought on such phenomenal results to the Soros Trading strategy.  This strategy is best known as the Soros Scalping Strategy or the Soros Scalper. If you want to find out more about Scalping read this great article – What is Scalping?

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 How Does the Epix Trader App Work?

The Epix Trader is designed to catch trends as early as possible. The trade is then closed as soon as there is a trend reversal. The software can detect signs of exhaustion of a trend and therefore closes at a profit.  In Binary Options this means that the time frame indicated by the robot is perfectly executed.  In Forex, this method is known as scalping.  Scalping means that the Epix Trader finds multiple opportunities for very short term trading.

If you catch a trend early enough you stand to make money.  If you wait too long to confirm a trend you jump into the trend too late.  By the time you wait for a clear confirmation, you will enter at the point of exhaustion.  In Forex this means that you do not make enough pips to generate enough profit.  In Binary this would work well enough because all you need to have is a price above or a price below your strike rate.  But the risk is high.

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 How Does The App with Binary and Forex? Epix Trader Review detailsIf you are not sure what the difference is between Binary Options trading and Forex Trading we recommend that you read our article Binary vs Forex.  However, in a nutshell here is the difference:

a. Binary trading is similar to betting.  You pick an asset and decide whether the price (strike rate) will increase or drop (High/Low) in a specified time frame.  If the price drops or increases just one pip in the right direction, you win the trade.  Your pay-out is around 75-80% of the size of your trade or your bet. In Binary Trading, you are trading against the broker and not in the open market

b. Forex Trading is trading in the open market.  Therefore, you decide on the direction of your asset based on market analysis.  The first couple of pips you make is the broker’s commission.  This is the cost for allowing you to use the services of their platform.  You can stay with a trade as long as you wish, given that you have picked the right direction.  As soon as you see a trend reversal you opt-out of the trade so that you collect your profits.

This is the beauty of the Epix Trader.  The Robot will detect a trend as early as it forms.  In Binary trading, this means that you are trading safely in the right direction.  In Forex Trading this means that you can make enough pips to profit after the broker has been paid.

 Is Epix Trader Free? Epix Trader Review Details

No, the Epix Trader costs $393.  HOWEVER, the developers are looking for Beta Testers to endorse Epix Trader.  The results of real traders using the software is crucial for the impending IPO of Epix Trader.  Therefore, you can now opt-in “The Early Bird Scheme” and download the software for FREE and for unlimited use.  This window of opportunity is not expected to last long.

How To Subscribe: Epix Trader Review Step-by-Step

First of all, you need to decide whether you prefer to trade on a Binary Platform or a Forex Platform.  Naturally, you may decide to trade on both.

If you want to trade Binary you can download the software from HERE

epix trader bannerYou will be required to subscribe by giving a valid email address and a real phone number.  Fake phone numbers get you automatically disqualified from downloading the software for free.

Once you are subscribed you will be directed to the broker that is best suited for your geographical area.  Here is where you decide on how much trading capital you wish to allocate for your trading.  Remember that your trading capital is your working capital.  It is your money by which you will make profits using Epix Trader.  This is not the cost of the software.  Your capital can be withdrawn any time after you verify your account.

The software is a web-based software and therefore downloads automatically.  You do not need to configure Epix trader on your platforms.  It is as simple as that.

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United Trading

United Trading

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Much hyped United Trading Review is here. So is United Trading Network a scam? Lets find out. When we first investigated the highly touted United Trading Network (UTN), we had no doubts that this was a revolutionary system aimed at genuinely helping struggling traders realize success. And to prove the reliability of United Trading app, the website mentioned that this system was a property of a group of brilliant students majoring in FX science. They combined their efforts to come up with what would be termed as ‘’Forex Facebook’’.

Finally, their reputation can also be proved by the fact that this group of students participated in the Internal Business Competition for Millenials and emerged first place, thereby earning them total prize money of $100,000. The money was reinvested into the United Trading Network Review system to create something that would truly change lives. These brilliant minds are therefore the brainchild behind the success of the United Trading Network software. This program is simply the next big thing in social trading.

United Trading Review – Why United Trading Is Not A Scam !

If you’ve always been interested in retail trading or have been struggling to make profit or break even, perhaps this United Trading Network system would become a game changer for you. So here is my honest United Trading Network review after thorough research and investigation.

Hasil gambar untuk United TradingFeatures of United Trading Network Software Explained !

(a) Professional analysis and user sentiments is the foundation of this United Trading app

UTN was created by a group of students who had passion to explore the world of social trading. They managed to build a successful social trading platform which they named United Trading Review system.

Adam Fletcher is the group manager of the team, and his work is to oversee technical analysis matters because he is a specialist on that. He first identified the potential of team work, which led him to recruit other 3 brilliant minds that would join the team to make it a force to recon.

All the team members on United Trading Network program have some sort of academic qualifications and experience in online trading. For example, Jaleel Bashir is a fundamental analyzer and financial assets trader. Matt Kirby is an expert in investment banking & commodity. Finally, Lydia Williamson is an experienced programmer who was charged with the duty of incorporating trading strategies into the algorithm of this United Trading Network app.

As a result of this teamwork, United Trading Network free scam Software was born. This system makes use of various indicators and trading techniques to analyze market variables. This guarantees that potential signals will only rely on more than one indicator.

Ultimately, the signals produced via this United Trading Network review App would be most reliable because the method of operation used in this app is dependent on trader sentiments as well. Trader sentiments reflect the general mood of the market, and will always boost accuracy going by the number of traders who are using a broker’s network at any given time.

(b) United Trading Network system is Ideal for short, medium, and long term trading

This powerful algorithm was created to handle all expiry times. Any retail trader who has had a solid amount of experience knows very well that expiry times do affect outcome. And because the team at United Trading Network didn’t want to leave things to chance, they incorporated this feature into the algorithm which would see traders choosing a wide range of expiry times to fit their trading styles.

You should also check our Option Robot review!

(c) A win rate of 83% With United Trading System !

That win rate is very high indeed. It is the reason why critics have suspected that United Trading Review App is not a legit system for trading binary options. But what we see here is a complete opposite of what these critics think.

First of all, this United Trading Network scam free app has been back-tested several times in the past. The win rate can be achieved and will always be achieved due to the fact that part of this app relies on market history to identify trends. Trends cannot lie, and so do market history.

Secondly, the win rate experienced with this social trading platform is somehow guaranteed due to the fact that it takes care of the various graphs and charting solutions for purposes of refining entry and exit points in trades. Parameters like support and resistance levels are taken into account before signals can be generated. United Trading software has a high chance of winning trades due to the multiple indicators it uses. This is further reinforced by trader sentiments to significantly boost the win rate. This win rate has been proven by me and my team right before coming up with this authentic United Trading Network review.

(d) The United Trading Package Comes With A Set Of Educational Tools, Trading Room Tab, News Tab etc

With this semi auto-trading software, you can discover the secrets of brokers like IQ Option and how to manipulate them to your favor. The education section of United Trading Signals is a brief how-to guide on using the app. Apart from this; it teaches how to avoid costly mistakes in the market.

You can conveniently use the tabs to switch between your different trading methods. In addition to this, traders can vote the direction which they think an asset pair will take. Finally, the United Trading Network software comes with a news tab where users can brief themselves of market activities for the day. This would then lead to making informed trading decisions.

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United Trading Network Scam Free App – Advantages

The most reliable social trading platform

Good social trading apps are hard to come by these days. In fact, most ‘’solutions’’ that are currently being peddled in the market are nothing but crap. Thankfully, you can now rely on the power of leverage where users come together, through the power of voting and technical analysis to gauge the short and possibly long term direction of the market. While doing this United Trading Network review we tested the platform and found its so user friendly that even a 5 year and 65 year old can understand and trade without any prior experiences.

United Trading Network’s Beginner and mobile-friendly user interface

To ensure that everyone doesn’t miss a chance, United Trading scam free software was created to work within certain parameters. For this reason, the software is very user-friendly and mobile optimized as well. It can be used by anyone even if they have never traded assets before. Simplicity, portability, and leverage are the 3 elements that United Trading system thrives on.

Excellent customer support

It was quite reassuring to receive feedback within a short time of sending an email to their support team. Scams don’t reply to emails if you ask the hard questions. So if you’re not sure of anything, the support team behind this system will surely walk you all the way to success. Customer support is one of the main criteria we consider for a legit trading system, our United Trading Network review has verified it and only have good things to say about.

Is United Trading Network a Scam? Ultimate Review 

Hasil gambar untuk United TradingThis is not a manipulative system like Quantum Code scam or Fintech Profits scam. United Trading Network is not a scam because they have proof which shows that the team is into it for serious business. Their reputation has already been heard and confirmed. Every individual who is in charge of United Trading system is introduced by name and academic credentials. These too can be confirmed.

Besides this, the concept has been clearly explained and found to be very effective. Leveraging the numbers to make everyone succeed through a special voting system is what social trading is all about. Therefore, everyone agrees that United Trading Network website is reliable and is the ultimate go-to place if you want a career in online trading. So you can simply ignore United Trading Network scam rumors.

There is no price tag attached to this system. That’s kind of shocking considering that good things don’t come for free. However, you also need to realize that this system is free for purposes of making it accessible to everyone. There will be no excuse for not joining.

And therefore, if you have read this United Trading Network review this far, then chances are that you’d love to sign up quickly to witness what we’re talking about here. The good news is that it’s easy and quick.

First thing, enter your email address to get access to the best options brokers in your area. Enter your personal details thereafter and make sure that you have given the correct phone number. This phone number will be used for verifying that you are not spamming the United Trading Network system.

This way, United Trading website will match you with the right broker to trade with. Choosing a broker is important since you will need a platform where signals produced by the United Trading system can be executed.

The broker will most likely ask you to fund your trading account with $250. This is not a charge but working capital which everyone needs to begin their trading.

United TradingConclusion – Our United Trading

So far, everything looks positive. This United Trading Network software is relatively new but very safe to trade with. We haven’t received any negative reports indicating that some users were displeased. Also, it’s important to take note the fact that United Trading app doesn’t promise riches overnight. It does not use the rag-to-riches approach of trading – which in all cases, will not yield results. In short, the scam free app is a powerful, innovative social trading platform that everyone can use to their benefit. Hope this in depth United Trading Network review was helpful.

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This review of the Tesler App proves that this program is a binary options scam. It is presented by Steven Abrahams.

Abrahams claims to be the CEO of the Tesler Investments company that has created a binary options trading software that can make you more than $200 per hour.

It is based on Lead Patterns and the Tesler App can allegedly make you more than $5,000 per day and $1,000,000 in less than six months!

And the Tesler App is of course free, so you can become a millionaire for free. Life is simple, isn’t it?

Tesler scam

The Tesler (Tesler2) story is of course complete bogus, it is a scam and Steven Abraham is a scam artist.

Steven Abrahams

Abrahams is a fictitious character created by scammers and played by a paid actor. Not so long ago we have seen this same man playing the role of Dr. Steven Francis in the Swarm Intelligence scam, look at the picture.

So you see, this guy is a professional scammer that has worked for several scams. His presence alone is a guarantee that Tesler is a scam.

Testimonials and reviews

As Steven Abrahams (Mr. Midas) is a scammer and the Tesler Investments company does not even exist, you can be sure that all the testimonials and reviews are fake.

They have been made with paid actors and stolen photos. Look at the picture to see the proof, these faces belong to people that have no idea about the Tesler System.

Scam software

We tested the Tesler app to see what it is about. We discovered an app developed and offered scammers only.

Look at the image to see a few examples of other scams using this same software, like Obcasio, Optical Signal Trader or Satellite Trader.

Only the logo and colors change. This software is losing money in trading, we know it from real users!

The truth – how the Tesler App really works

You see, the Tesler app is designed to make money to scammers, not to you. How? It is simple, they are affiliated with a broker that is paying them for referring new depositing clients.

So in order to earn an affiliate commission, scammers need you to deposit money with their broker. And this is precisely what their software will push you to do, to deposit with their broker. Before you do it, you won’t be able to use the Tesler App.

But if you do it, then the software will lose your deposit in trading, because it cannot trade profitably.


The Tesler App is a very simple scam that will take your money and lose it in trading, because scammers don’t know how to trade.

You can learn trading and make money with binary options, but you have to do it by yourself, nobody will make you money for free. You can try it on a free demo account with a regulated broker.

Start trading with real money only when you are consistently profitable on the demo.

Tesler App is a binary options automated trading software that claims to be able to make its users an average of $5,700 a day with a 99% success ratio. Is this a realistic claim? Read our full review below!

Tesler App Background and Functionality

According to the Tesler App’s promotional video, which is 33 minutes long, the Tesler App is allegedly founded by a man called Stephen Abrahams the founder and CEO of Tesler Investments. Stephen Abrahams claims that Tesler Investments is worth 673 million dollars while his own personal net worth is 384 million dollars. He expects to take his company public soon and estimates that it will be valued at over a billion dollars. He also claims to have spent over 50 million dollars of his own money in developing the app.

Screenshot of the sign up ad:

Hasil gambar untuk Tesler

Mr Steven Abraham: Who is This Guy?

He assures users that he is the CEO of Tesler Investments. We did some research online and, perhaps unsurprisingly, Tesler Investment is not a real company as it is not registered anywhere. This makes us question all his other statements. If you are desperate enough to lie about a non-existing company (the fact that is very easy to check on the internet), what else do you have to hide? Even the laziest internet user will quickly figure out the truth about this one.

And just to be clear: Tesler Investment doesn’t have any company registration or documents and doesn’t have anything to with the brilliant car manufacturer whose name it attempts to imitate. For us, this is definitely a reason enough to write a negative review about this app.

This also right away makes us question the identity of the so-called CEO himself. If the company he claims to run does not exist, who is he? Well, as soon as we digged a little deeper, we immediately found out that he is in fact an actor who simply plays his part. Every part of the promo video – starting from the car this guy drives to the house where he lives is carefully staged for the occasion. This is sad and quite stupid at the same time. How difficult it was to track down him and find out about all the lies? 10-minute online search only. That’s how bad of a job they have done to hide the fact that this is a scam.

Obvious Sales Techniques Everywhere

While watching some scam promo videos, it is often very difficult to hold back from bursting with laughter. But the Tesler app video is something from an entirely different level. For the whole duration of the clip, the self-proclaimed CEO we had discussed earlier keeps repeating that the Tesler App is a life saver for everyone who has any money problems at all. It especially seems cheap and unethical since the promo has been resealed just before the Christmas holidays, when a lot of people are certainly experiencing some kind of financial difficulties.

There is simply not enough time to describe how low this pathetic scam goes to attract at least some attention. And one would think they will not get any with all these cheap tricks, but as we know, there are always some poor victims that fall for these lies.

Here is “Mr. Steven Abraham” :

Hasil gambar untuk Tesler

So how exactly is the Tesler App supposed to work?

Well, according to the video, a fraction of a second before placing a trade, the Tesler App does a high speed analysis of 60 minutes of market data such as the :

  • Dow Jones
  • Commodity prices

In addition, it also analyzes the text of the current ‘Breaking News’ segments of all the major news websites, looking for keywords that might affect the market such as ‘war’, ‘earthquake’ and ‘currency crash’. These are just a few examples; Stephen Abrahams claims that the software actually analyzes 3 million variables in that split second.

After analyzing all that back data, known as the ‘lead pattern’, Tesler App then analyzes the probability of the lead pattern repeating again within the next 60 minutes. The moment the probability of the lead pattern reoccurring passes the 93% mark, the software instantly trades again, reanalyzing the lead pattern and repeating the whole process. Stephen refers to this as the ‘Tesler Principle’.

The ‘Tesler Principle’ ensures that the software only makes 1 losing trade out of every 98, which equates to a success ratio of just under 99%. And because the Tesler App ensures that each trade is only $85, any losses will be minimized plus given the success ratio, you will still come out well ahead anyway. And if the Tesler App makes a losing trade, it automatically stops trading and requires you to click ‘Trade’ again to resume auto-trading. That way, you are always in full control and will never see spiraling losses from auto-trading.

Stephen Abrahams also makes the following promise: if at the end of the trading day your binary options trading balance is below $5,700, Tesler Investments will make up the difference to you. However he assures us that in 18 months, this has never happened to any of his members.

Tesler App Cost

tesler appStephen Abrahams claims that the Tesler App is 100% free. After 41 days of use however, Tesler Investments will take a small 0.5% commission on top of a trader’s profits ($50 for every $10,000 profits). The commission will only be deducted one month after a trader withdraws his or her profits, which can be withdrawn as soon as 1 minute after making said profits. The reason the cost of the Tesler App is no negligible is because of Stephen Abrahams’ desire to give back to the people.

Nicknamed ‘Mr. Midas’ on Wall Street, Stephen Abrahams has developed a reputation for making money not just for himself but for other people as well. This is part of his initiative of making 10 people into millionaires within 6 months. Stephen ensured that only ‘average Joes and Janes’ were part of the initiative and that they would only have to sacrifice a few minutes a day. It was successful and now he wants to share his success with even more people.

Hasil gambar untuk Tesler

Is the Tesler App Legit?

After reading the lengthy backstory above, do you think that the Tesler App can deliver as promised? If you did you must be surely delusional. Tesler App is basically saying that you can be a millionaire within 6 months from just a few minutes a day, at zero risk to yourself. Harry Potter is more realistic.

Here’s the truth, Stephen Abrahams is not worth 384 million dollars, and he did not found ‘Tesler Investments’, whose name is nothing but a rip off of the Tesla brand. Stephen Abrahams is no Elon Musk; in fact, he’s not even Stephen Abrahams. He is just an actor, and after some research, we have discovered that his real name is actually John San Nicolas, an actor from Portland, Oregon.

His resume seems to consist of direct-to-DVD movies, numerous stage productions, and a recurring guest role on the show Portlandia. Not mentioned in his resume is his numerous jobs for binary options robot videos such as this one; he was also the ‘lead role’ on the Swarm Intelligence robot. This is probably what local Portland actors do between real acting gigs.

The promotional video also contains several testimonials from allegedly satisfied Tesler App clients, again these are all actors. A couple of them are local actors from Portland, Oregon (where many of these binary options robot videos are shot, at least the ones with better production quality), while the others are just your standard Fiverr testimonial givers.

Tesler App Members Exposed

As for the still images of people shown, those are just stock photos and stolen unattributed images from other websites, which is a common tactic that these binary options robots use. The same goes for the ‘Our Members’ pictures on their website.

A quick Google search will of course reveal that there is no such company as Tesler Investments, which should be enough for you to know that everything the Tesler App video tells you is an absolute lie.

Even without the entirely ridiculous backstory, one only need to look at the claims promised by the app themselves. If all it took were a few minutes a day and zero trading experience to become a millionaire within 6 months, well, everybody would be millionaires by now. And all that nonsense in the video about ‘lead patterns’ and analyzing 60 minutes of data? Meaningless dribble designed to appeal to people who have no idea how real trading actually works.

Stephen Abrahams even contradicts himself within the video. In the video, he says the app will only place up to $85 per trade, yet the screenshots of the transactions using the app (all Photoshopped by the way) all show trade amounts in excess of $200.


All claims made by the Tesler App in their promotional video are 100% false. You will not become a millionaire in 6 months. Do not bother with this robot and learn how to properly trade binary options instead.

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Hasil gambar untuk Spectrum7

Spectrum 7 software is a new and very viral auto trading application. We have reason to believe that this is a scam software set to siphon money from unsuspecting users. The person orchestrating all this is one Derek Folsom. Folsom is assuring his viewers that they are in for millions as they will be making $1,560 at the end of each day and by the end of the month they will have raked in $100,000. Derek makes it sound like there is no catch. In fact he says that everything is totally free but the 100% Spectrum 7 review is here to show the checks and balances backed by facts. Read on.

Detailed Spectrum 7 Review Reveals The Truth

Derek talks about requiring 37 beta testers for his software. This is the second time he and his team are doing this. They first tried it out in 2015 and according to Derek, it was quite successful but now they wanted to move away from their private circles and get feedback from the general public because they would really like to know what you think about their software. Please do not swallow that crap.

Derek tries to make us relate with him and makes us see his human side by telling us how he is the son of a construction worker who sacrificed a lot to see him through college. He later became a software developer and has been working in that capacity for the last decade. We searched for this incredible story but unfortunately it does not exist.

The Spectrum 7 system operates using the Algo trading principle but it actually does that is what remains a mystery to date. Derek simply feeds us with pity party and optimism but does not go into the details of how his software works. This should ring a bell in your head already.

This is not an online application so you will have to download it into your device that is what we are told. Please you do not know what kind of ware you are dealing with.

Who is Derek Folsom??


Like all other scammers around the world, Derek Folsom is an invented character included in the script for scam actors. You see we do not even get to see the face of the so called Derek Folsom. This is simply voice acting at its best. So in short Derek just exists in the video and nowhere else. Do not fall for the crap that is included in the comment section where someone is asking why Derek did not use actors to promote his video. They put that there specifically for someone who would smell their fishy deal.

Spectrum 7 Results & Profits

It is alleged that this software can make between $8,000 and $16,000 monthly. This of course is not a high amount. At the same time when the video presentation starts, we are told that the software has the ability to make you $100,000 per month. One cannot fail to spot this great contradiction. At the same time this does not surprise us afterall scammers know nothing about trading so they simply cook up figures and forget that they initially started with a lie to lure you but they fail to sustain it.

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Fake Spectrum 7 Testimonials

We actually had to laugh our heads off on this one. We saw one of our best “friends” on this scam giving his video testimonial. Okay he is not our friend it is just that this old guy seems to be the king of all fake testimonials. In fact when you see him in any video presentation, do not wait for our review, you better just start running. Yes you got it right, the old guy in glasses and he is always giving testimonials in his kitchen next to the kitchen cabinets. Well he is from Fiverr and it seems he is a top rated actor on the site. The couple you see are also hired from Fiverr.

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Is Spectrum 7 a Scam??

Yes  Spectrum 7 is a scam and it’s a scam for all the reasons we have outlined above. Other scams you should avoid are Aurum Corp Tech, The Cash LoopHole and Click Money System.

Conclusion on Spectrum 7 Review

The Spectrum 7 system is nothing short of a scam. The voice acting , the Fiverr actors and even the lack of an explanation as to how the software works. People do not grow money on trees and it is therefore important to stay away from those who want you to think so.

Hopefully you have seen our Spectrum 7 review in time and you haven’t been caught by these scammers. please consider SHARING to help save others and If you are looking for real way to make money online then make sure you check out our Trusted List which we constantly update with what is working.

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